It’s easy to think that all flooring is the same, but each style is unique!

The combinations of colors, styles, and shapes for flooring are endless, and there is a tile for every style! From simple, traditional 6"x 6" ceramics, to large, modern, polished porcelain for bigger areas - we can recommend the best selection for your home or business.

All tile feels solid and firm, but some tile choices are actually much harder than others. The form of a tile, sometimes called the bisque, is engineered to meet a specific need or use. For example, if you are using tile flooring with a heating element beneath the flooring, be sure to consult our installers on which type of tile will work best for you.


Feeling the thickness of the tile is one gauge of strength, composition of the tile and also the temperature and duration of firing & curing can also help determine the strength and durability of your selection.

Tile has always been a popular choice, because it is easy to clean, and will last in your home for decades without needing any maintenance, aside from basic sweeping and occasional mopping. Easy clean-up for homes with children or pets! 

We do more than just living rooms - heated bathroom floors, outdoor stone for paths and pillars and fire pits are also available.

Please call us with any questions you may have about your installation, and we will be glad to help!